DeVry: Trading At Discount But Raising Red Flags

DeVry Education Group Inc. (DeVry Group:DV) is a provider of educational services. DeVry Group’s institutions offer an array of programs in business, healthcare and technology, and serve students in post-secondary education as well as accounting and finance professionals. DeVry Group operates through three segments: Business, Technology and Management, Medical and Healthcare, and International and Professional Education. The Company’s Business, Technology and Management segment comprises the operation of DeVry University; the Company’s Medical and Healthcare segment includes the operations of DeVry Medical International, which operates three institutions: American University of… Read more at:

Wynn Resorts: Contrarians Set To Gain From This Bargain

Company Description:

Wynn Resorts, Limited is a developer, owner and operator of destination casino resorts which integrate accommodations and amenities, including fine dining, premium retail offerings, distinctive entertainment and convention facilities. The Company owns 72% of Wynn Macau, Limited, which operates an integrated resort in the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Macau). Wynn Resorts also owns 100% of and operates an integrated resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company operates through two segments…… Read more at:

Terna Energy: A Utility With More Than 40% Upside Potential

Terna Energy SA operates in the energy and construction sector worldwide. The company develops, constructs, finances, and operates renewable energy projects. It owns and operates wind farms, hydroelectric projects, hybrid projects, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants, biomass and waste management plants, and geothermal projects. The company also undertakes and constructs public and private works primarily in the environmental and electromechanical… Read more at:

FTSE Reclassifies Greece As An Emerging Market

The Greek debt crisis, which has resulted in falling incomes, high unemployment rates and political instability, has been the reason for the Greek stock market’s decline in terms of size and liquidity. While many listed companies experience high growth rates and stable profitability and offer opportunities for further expansion, their stock prices have been falling because of the aforementioned… Read more on:

Greek GDP Growth May Surprise Again

The Greek economy has experienced a major economic collapse leading to a loss of approx. 25% of GDP during the last 6 years, but economic indicators show signs of stabilization with recent growth figures beating economists’ estimates. However, the economy is set to shrink this year as well as next year due to the imposition of capital controls and the political instability which affect trade activity and discourage investments. The European Commission projects GDP to shrink by… Read more at:

A Greek Stock Which Is Worth A Look

Folli Follie is an internationally diversified retailer (operating in more than 28 countries) which designs, manufactures and distributes jewellery, watches and fashion accessories. The company operates stores in Greece, North America, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Moldova. In addition, FF acquired the British jewellery company Links of London in 2006. In 2013 the company sold the travel activity (duty free shops) to Dufry AG with which FF has a strategic participation in the travel retail sector.

Investment Highlights:

Strong brand recognition (Folli Follie and Links of London)
Strategic relationship with Dufry promoting FF and Links of London Brands
Agreement with Authentic Brands Group to assume exclusive wholesale and retail distribution right for Juicy Couture brand in Europe.
Minimum exposure to the Greek consumer
Focus on JW&A segment that has the highest profit margins

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Greek Election Result And Capital Controls: What Does It Mean, And How Does It Affect Greek Stocks?

There are 17 days left until Greek parliamentary election just 8 months after the previous one. In the small European country called Greece, election results used to matter to investors but this time we see no substantial difference between the two most possible scenarios which we will discuss later. There was a time when everyone believed that a SYRIZA government would have the intention to sail against the “European wind” and lure the country out of the Euro. However, the fact that the former PM Alexis Tsipras agreed to a deal with EU partners shows that he has no intention to force Greece out of the Eurozone. Thus, whether the new government will be led by SYRIZA or New Democracy (opposition party), does not make any huge difference in terms of the European perspective of the country.

In June, when the negotiations between the Greek government and EU officials seemed to head to a deadlock, PM Tsipras has chosen to go ahead with a referendum. This choice has led to huge capital outflows and the imposition of capital controls along with the closure of the Greek bank branches. These actions had a detrimental effect on the economy as well as the Greek stock market which only opened after a 5-week hiatus on the 3rd of August.

Most Greek-listed stocks plunged with the banking sector…. read more on seekingalpha