Heading For Correction And Trouble?

We are now only two months away from the New Year and there is a lot of uncertainty in global markets arising mainly from the US Presidential election, which is only 9 days away and central bank’s announcement regarding interest rates. Until election, we expect the volatility to… Read more at http://bit.ly/2f21rO8

Week Ahead: Uncertainty Will Not Fade Away


Main European indices moved slightly upwards last week mainly due to some reassurance in the banking sector, which have temporarily stopped the sell-off of last week, a rise in utilities, oil & Gas and consumer goods and services.

On the other hand, US lost some ground on Friday late trading hours after Yellen’s comments on US economy’s resilience. Yellen mentioned that US may have to be on a high pressure… Read more at http://bit.ly/2epLvm4

Week Ahead: Deutsche Bank And Europe To Drive Markets


Last week the markets were bombed by news regarding Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB), the flash crash of British pound, which lost 6% in two minutes, and the debate of hard vs soft Brexit. In US, the non-farm payrolls miss estimates and stood at +156K (consensus +175K) and unemployment rose slightly to 5% (est. 4.9%) which may give Fed one more excuse to keep interest rates…Read more…http://bit.ly/2dWXiHU

Financial Crisis Of 2017 In The Making: Deutsche Bank And European Banks


About two weeks ago the typhoon “Malakas” hit Japan. The word is actually a Filipino word meaning ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’. The same word means something completely different in Greek, definitely has a more naughty meaning. Although a typhoon is a tropical cyclone that develops in the Pacific Ocean, one has just started developing in Europe. While there are six main requirements for tropical cyclogenesis, a crisis only needs one: Loss of investors’ confidence. Read more here… http://bit.ly/2dzaSUm