The Double Bind Faced By Greece – Global X MSCI Greece ETF

Greek debt crisis is a vicious circle. The Troika (EU, ECB and IMF) along with the Greek government do not seem to be able to make the Greek debt crisis a chapter in an economic history book any time soon as the involved parties fail to agree on a plan which will lead the country out of the 6-year crisis.

The 3 prerequisites for a complete and sustainable solution to the…. Read more at:

Financial Crisis Of 2017 In The Making (Part 2)


Italian referendum has increased volatility but a “no” win could fire it.

Waiting for details of a possible settlement of DB fine from DoJ.

Brexit stance to become clearer within the first months of 2017.

Political landscape change and voters become less predictive.

All last week’s economic figures generally in line with estimates. Housing market figures in UK and unemployment rate in US slightly better than expected while initial jobless claims missed estimates.

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